With many years of experience in business consulting, our experts can provide the second pair of eyes you need. It is always helpful to have a second opinion when it comes to driving change in your business. Whether you are looking for structural changes, sourcing mix options, cost reduction, or operation excellence, they all mean transformation. Change and transformation can be scary, but with Adapto Consulting, we can help you achieve the change you wish to see in a non-disruptive manner.

As a partner with the broad expertise, we can help you with all of your financial operations, sales strategies, CRM, supply chain, and digital marketing, taking your business to that next level of success. We offer the following services for our clients:


Shared ServicesOutsourcingCost ReductionProcess Optimization & Operational ExcellenceSales StrategyCRMSupply ChainFinance OperationsTechnologyDigital Economy

Shared-ServicesShared Services

Shared services benefit your company in a variety of different ways. From the initial assessment to design, build, and running operations, it is not just about your organization; it is about the dynamic of your company as a whole. We believe that by cutting costs and transforming your business, you are able to better serve your clients as well as stay up to date with current sourcing options. Our shared services include

  • Current operations analysis and sourcing options review
  • Value target strategy
  • Operating model design
  • Process design and build
  • Transition execution
  • Shared services best practices and improvement techniques
  • Technology optimization
  • Governance and service management
  • Change management and communications
  • Training
  • Ongoing management

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At Adapto Consulting, outsourcing is more than a simple ‘lift and shift’. With outsourcing, your business is able to better themselves. There is more to outsourcing than meets the eye, and we can help unlock these benefits. Outsourcing is taking the right mindset and combining it with the right partnership. We can help you set up new outsourcing units or help you make your current platform even better. Our outsourcing plan includes

  • Current operations analysis and sourcing options review
  • Assistant on the right partnership – from initial discussions to down-selection and final agreement
  • Operating model design
  • Process design and build
  • Transition execution
  • Outsourcing best practices and improvement techniques
  • Technology optimization
  • Governance and service management
  • Change management and communications
  • Training
  • Ongoing management

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Cost-ReductionCost Reduction

It is crucial to gain any competitive edge and remain agile in the marketplace. Sometimes, a cost reduction initiative can provide just that without the need for massive organization changes, operating model impacts or sourcing mix, for the highest attainable performance. Adapto can drive your team to make it a natural exercise and a constant in your organization. Our cost reduction plan includes

  • Review of all cost categories (travel, utilities, technology, marking, transportation, etc.)
  • Policy review and updates
  • Spent budgets and procurement optimization
  • Ongoing tracking and analysis

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Process-Optimization_Operational-ExcellenceProcess Optimization & Operational Excellence

Processes represent the core of an organization; its optimization can be challenging yet rewarding. A thorough analysis of your business’ current processes can lead to great results, saving the need for additional organizational changes.

  • Prioritization of function/process gaps
  • Applicability, impact on efficiency and effectiveness, implementation efforts, and risks/mitigations
  • Future state process designs
  • Six-sigma approach (SIPOC, Cost and Effect matrix, Data Collection, and more)
  • Training and process guidelines

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Sales-StrategySales Strategy

Positioning your product/service to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace is key. A successful strategy will drive the sales force towards its target, connecting with your customers in a unique way. With deep market and competition knowledge, Adapto can guide you through this process, establishing your short and long-term goals and enabling you to track them in real time. Our sales strategies include

  • Product and service placement
  • Distribution
  • Promotion
  • Sales force
  • Detailed customer segmentation and approach strategy
  • Long and short term goals and tracking

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Connecting with your customer is vital to your business’ success. With our CRM program, we make this simple. Know what your customers want, when they want it, and how to give them exactly that. Our CRM process includes

  • Centralization of key customer data from marketing, sales, and operations on contact centers’ fingertips
  • Customer blueprint and household analysis
  • Customer management and retention strategy
  • Increase customer database
  • Analytic reports

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Supply-ChainSupply Chain

As one of the critical pillars of any business, an efficient and effective supply chain becomes a tool to drive better business results. Adapto can assist with non-disruptive techniques in order to bring things back on track and provide guidance on how to keep your business’s chain fully functioning. Our supply chain program includes

  • Value chain optimization
  • Process design
  • Performance measurements
  • Best practices
  • Source to Pay
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Contract Management
  • Procure to Pay
  • Vendor Management
  • Policies review and updates

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Finance-OperationsFinance Operations

CFOs are constantly challenged to reduce the cost of their operations while bringing their business to the next level. The answers rely on best practices and the correct set of technology tools, which increase automation and reduce turnaround time. Easier said than done, Adapto has the required experience and insights to assist you on this journey. Our financing options include

  • Best practices, keys to success, and optimization of finance processes
  • Record to Report (RTR)
  • Procure to Pay (PTP)
  • Order to Cash (OTC)
  • Intercompany
  • Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)
  • Cost allocations analysis
  • Technology blueprint review

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As one of the cornerstones of your business, Technology has to be well aligned with your business and able to deliver results. Having strategic partnerships for your Technology decisions can take your business to the next level.

  • Assessment of application architecture
  • Recommendation of the optimal application solution
  • Design of recommended application architecture
  • Identification of the right partnerships for Technology Services
  • Cost vs. benefit analysis considering the real potential of ROI for each application
  • IT Due Diligence
  • Digital Strategy & Roadmap
  • Core App Modernization Strategy & Roadmap
  • Recommend Industry specific technology trends and disruptive technologies
  • Be the trusted advisor of the Business and the CIO for Technology

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Digital-EconomyDigital Economy

Today is not about adaptation but more so how you can stand out by being unique. The profound transformation of the marketplace in the digital era caused businesses to evolve and adapt in unimaginable ways. Know your company’s functions and have customer info on the tip of the finger with digital capabilities. Our services include

  • E-business and E-commerce optimization
  • Digital technology blueprint
  • Analytics strategy
  • Digital infrastructure requirements

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