Starting a new business can be intimidating and setting it up for success a real challenge. Analyzing the market, recognizing your strengths and weaknesses, and identifying what levers could separate you from the pack are key elements for a new business. Having done this several times, Adapto can guide you through these steps and other key decisions, such as legal entity and branding.

We can assist you towards the right steps in this digital economy. From application development and launch to the correct marketing campaigns and ongoing management support, you have the experts on your side. Adapto can help you identify potential clients and prepare the best offer for them, also providing a recommended segmentation.

We know how much is riding on this new journey; more than simply congratulating you on this new step, we want to offer the partnership to make this the success you have always dreamt. For your start-up operation, we offer the following:


Strategic PlanningBusiness StructuringManagement SupportProduct and Service Launch StrategySales StrategyCRMTechnologyApplication DevelopmentCloudAnalyticsMobility & Internet of Things

Strategic-PlanningStrategic Planning

Having a brilliant idea is the first step. Adapto can assist you in bringing it to life and establishing your product or service successfully. Our first step on this journey is to stress-test your idea through a rigorous strategic plan. After a review of your product or service, we can run an in-depth analysis of market and competitors, along with corresponded SWOT.

This process allows us to identify risks and associated mitigation plans, discuss the best marketing strategy and campaigns, and determine long-term initiative with particular success factors. We also handle the development of final recommendations which create an inclusive roadmap for the realization of project goals.

  • Thorough review of product or service planned to be offered
  • In depth analysis of market and competitors, along with corresponded SWOT
  • Identification of risks and associated mitigation plans
  • Discussion of best marketing strategy and campaigns
  • Definition of near term and longer term initiatives with critical success factors
  • Development of final recommendations
  • Creation of an inclusive roadmap for the realization of project goals

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Business-Structuring1Business Structuring

The road to a successful business has more milestones to be addressed. Some decisions such as legal entity and location are critical to preparing it for the long run. Knowing the right tools and establishing strategic partnerships will drive you a long way. Our business structure includes


  • Definition of optimal legal entity (LLP, S-Corp, C-Corp, etc.).
  • Insights about best business location.
  • Identification of right partnerships for legal, bookkeeping, ongoing marketing, accountant, and insurance.
  • Acquisition of the right talent.

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Management-Support-copyManagement Support

From team structuring and training to infrastructure advice and process design, Adapto can be your partner for success.  Sometimes, you need a little extra help. Our management support includes


  • Operations setup.
  • Ongoing managerial support for long-term operations.

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Product-and-Service-Launch-StrategyProduct and Service Launch Strategy

You are creating a business to last; the first impression that you make in the market is crucial.  A thorough launch strategy and detailed plan of action considering all supply-demand aspects, aligned with a detailed plan or how to operate will set your business up for success. Our product and service launch strategy includes


  • Definition of the right product package or the right bundle of services for each client segment.
  • Marketing strategy for a successful launch.

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Sales-StrategySales Strategy

Positioning your product/service to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace is key. A successful strategy will drive the sales force towards its target, connecting with your customers in a unique way.  With deep market and competition knowledge, Adapto can guide you through this process, establishing your short and long-term goals and will enable you to track them in real time. Our sales strategy includes


  • Product and service placement.
  • Distribution
  • Promotion
  • Salesforce
  • Detailed customer segmentation and approach strategy.
  • Long- and short-term goals and tracking.

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We know you want to connect with your customer the best possible way, but this may not be as simple as you thought. Analytic reports can establish who your customers are, what they want, what the best offer for them is, and how to reach them. Our CRM services include


  • Centralization of key customer data from marketing, sales, and operations on contact centers’ fingertips
  • Customer blueprint and household analysis
  • Customer management and retention strategy
  • Increase customer database
  • Analytic reports

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As one of the cornerstones of your business, technology needs to be well aligned with your business in order to deliver meaningful results. Having strategic partnerships for your technology decisions can take your business to the next level. Our technology services include


  • Assessment of application architecture.
  • Recommendation of the optimal application solution.
  • Design of recommended application architecture.
  • Identification of the right partnerships for technology services.
  • Cost vs. benefit analysis considering the real potential of ROI for each application.
  • IT due diligence.
  • Digital strategy and roadmap.
  • Core App Modernization strategy and roadmap.
  • Recommend industry specific technology trends and disruptive technologies.
  • Be the trusted advisor of the business and the CIO for technology.

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application-DevelopmentApplication Development

From simple to complex requirements, application development is crucial to your business. It can represent how your customers perceive your new startup or how it is organized in an optimal, real-time, cost-effective way.  Our application development includes


  • Due diligence and recommendation of the optimal application solution.
  • Identification of the right partnerships.
  • Cost vs. benefit analysis considering the real potential of ROI for each application.
  • Full application life-cycle development (design, build, test, deploy) and technical specification based on your business assessment.
  • Continuous services for application maintenance and application enhancement.

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Cloud solutions bring agility to businesses and can substantially improve how your company operates and serves your clients. A world way beyond storage is waiting for you. Cloud services include


  • Cloud strategy – Start your business on the Cloud.
  • Map of IT-as-a-Service opportunities for your business with Software-as-a-Service solutions, Platform-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, or Business Process-as-a-Service.
  • Cloud architecture and operations design – how cloud changes your IT operations.
  • Cloud business case, aiming at cost reduction opportunities with cloud migration.
  • Roadmap for migration to the Cloud.
  • Creation of the optimal cloud solution for your business, from cost vs. benefit analysis to security requirements.

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Build up your data, recognizing that it is a strategic asset for your company. Prepare your company for a proper relationship between business and data by building a data-driven and information-driven approach to address your business needs. Analytics services include:


  • Analytics strategy.
  • Data architecture strategy.
  • Data architecture design – identify data sources from inside and outside your company, including social media sources.
  • Analytics reporting design and implementation.

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Mobility1Mobility & Internet of Things

Mobility is so new in the market that almost all businesses are considered in the “startup” phases of it. Under the new digital economy, this concept is more than just a wave and it is going nowhere fast. Mobilize your business and unlock its hidden potential with our mobility service:


  • Mobility strategy.
  • Mobile payments, collections, CRM, reports, and results – your business on the go.
  • Mobile architecture assessment, blueprint, and roadmap.
  • Mobile solutions design.
  • Technology assessment and solution design for wearables and internet of things (IoT).

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