As the cornerstone of your business, strategy has to be well thought out and aligned throughout the business. From people, process, and technology to marketing, sales, and operations, a good strategy can be what either makes or breaks your business’ success.

Remaining on top is an art, mastered with the right tools and partnerships. Partnering with us enables you to check on how you are doing as well as receive insight on how to achieve higher ground than your competition. Reaching the top requires hard work and dedication along with the right strategy. Our strategy plans include:


Pulse CheckBenchmarkingStrategic PlanningOrganization DesignOperating Model DesignBusiness Case, Planning & RoadmapMerges & Acquisitions

Pulse-CheckPulse Check

Our pulse check takes a look at your current operations, providing a short and detailed analysis for identifying your specific opportunity areas and showing you how to achieve your business goals. Pulse check includes:

  • Clear view on current business performance
  • ‘Perception vs. Reality gap’ with the usage of Voice of the Customer (VOC) surveys
  • Establish key design principles for each capability area (organization, process, governance, systems)
  • Provides a list of potential improvement initiatives

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In the benchmarking exercises, you will be able to have a comprehensive view on the actual baseline for current state organization, process, technology, operational metrics/benchmarks, in-flight projects, and benchmarks relative to your peer companies. Benchmarks are wonderful for you to look back and see your overall functions and how they break down. Our benchmark operations include:

  • Benchmarks for the overall function and also broken down by process
  • Clear aspiration, opportunities, and challenges
  • Current cost transparency
  • Insight on specific improvement targets and priorities to raise performance for both cost reduction and value creation

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Strategic-PlanningStrategic Planning

During the strategic planning, we can define and prioritize phases for implementation, including timing and phasing of initiatives as well as movement to new operating structures when necessary. Our strategic planning services include:

  • Understanding of the sequence of the recommendations
  • Understanding of resource / investment requirement
  • Financial and non-financial impacts
  • Scenario analysis
  • Cost/Benefit analysis
  • Ongoing tracking strategy

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Organization-Design1Organization Design

Organization design clearly shows you the future state of your company through vision statements which analyze the best organization structure for your industry and field. This is a fundamental exercise that shows you how your products and services will be delivered and supported in the market. Our organization designs include:

  • Vision and mission statements
  • Organizational roles and responsibilities
  • Optimally structured staffing pyramid and spans of control

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Operating-Model-Design-copyOperating Model Design

A clear perception to how any organization functions is contributed to a crisp delineation of roles and responsibilities as well as an understanding of the interactions and synergies among the teams within. Our operating model design includes:

  • Operating model framework
  • Location footprint
  • Sourcing mix
  • Definition of governance bodies
  • Creation of governance mechanisms – meetings, committees, reports, governance roles and responsibilities.
  • Governance roles & responsibilities
  • Decision framework
  • Service Management framework

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Business-Case_Planning_Roadmap1Business Case, Planning & Roadmap

It defines and prioritizes phases for implementation, including timing and phasing of initiatives as well as movement to new operating structures. Business case, planning, and roadmapping will include the following:

  • Defined benefits, estimated implementation investments, projected cash flow, and ROI
  • Value realized by undertaking the agreed roadmap

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Merges_Acquisitions1Merges & Acquisitions

Identifying the right balance between value and optimal future operations is a necessity. The right due diligence and strategy drive the seamless fit between organizations and set you up toward a path to success. Merges and acquisitions include:

  • Shareholders value strategy
  • Due diligence
  • Deal execution
  • Design of new operations
  • Governance and service management

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